Express Yourself in Lockdown, Spring 2021


This year’s Celebration of Speaking is now over, but you can still take a / listen look at how people have celebrated by putting into Twitter Search #CelebrateSpeaking.

You’ll find there some of the contributions to Express Yourself in Lockdown, the celebration of speaking other languages created by British Council, ALL and our cultural partners to try to lighten the mood in these complex times. (More are on Instagram and YouTube).

We asked language learners/users of any age and any language to record themselves performing in speech. The entries are in many languages, styles and formats and from many different parts of the country. You can find a TV actor, a Baroness in the House of Lords, Leo and his dinosaurs, some lovely poetry renditions and original creations, readings of song lyrics, rap performance and presentations

What they all have in common is shared humanity: people showing what they can do in speech in other languages. They are a testament to the UK’s linguistic good health and diversity and to the work of Language teachers around the country. It is great too to see schools running their on recital and performance events leading up to submission, and to read the warm glow that teachers have when seeing, or rather hearing, their own students’ productions.

MFLTwitterati – you may like to visit a few and give them a Like or a Retweet to show your appreciation of their efforts.

Look out for details of the #CelebrateSpeaking closing event online towards the end of March.


Here are just 11 links you could start with when you are in need of a boost yourself. Secondary French 2020

Y7 French Comme un arbre Y3 Spanish dinosaurs


Y7 Pashto

Y8 Japanese / Korean

Y10 Mandarin

Primary Spanish

Y2 Persian School for rabbits

Secondary German

Secondary Gujarati German Y13

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