Those of us who were at Language World earlier this year will remember the inspiring keynote talk by Charlotte Ryland, from the Translation Exchange and the Stephen Spender Trust. She really enthused the audience with the creative teaching possibilities of poetry translation.

Charlotte has now let us know that the Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation is open for entries. Poetry translation is the ideal activity for remote learning, and they’ve gone all out to make it accessible to everybody – especially young people – from their homes. Do have a look at all the information in the link below and get your pupils involved.

On the site you will find details including:

  • A short guide for teachers
  • Video intro to the prize – what is it and how do you enter
  • PowerPoints and videos talking through the translation of a single poem: for MFL pupils in particular
  • Suggested poems for translation (French, German, Spanish, Romanian)
  • The full resources database
  • Information about the Polish Spotlight strand (of particular interest to Polish-speaking young people)
  • Video interviews with previous winners

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