As you are aware,  ALL wrote to OFQUAL on Monday to ask how the 2% adjustment to French and German GCSE results would be applied to Centre Assessment grades.
We have had a reply which you can read here.
In the meantime, we wanted to share with you two documents prepared by Helen Myers and David Blow of ALL London which explain the process. The second of these has now been updated to reflect the fact that the grade that the student will receive today is the better grade as calculated by OFQUAL (which includes the 2%) or the Centre Assessed grade (which does not). The revised document explains the difficulty this causes in drawing up reliable data on the effect of the 2%. 


The document  GCSE-French-German-in-2019-with-Ofqual-2020-adjustment.pdf ” shows what would have happened in 2019 if the 2% adjustment had been applied then.


The document “ GCSE-French-and-German-June-2020-and-the-Ofqual-adjustment-regarding-severe-grading-1.pdf” updates on the current situation and how to interpret any information from exam boards


We are very grateful to David and Helen for putting together this information on behalf of ALL.
Jane Harvey (President) and René Koglbauer (Chair of Board of Trustees) ALL.

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