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CLIL at Language World 2019

At this year's Language World conference, there will be a focus on CLIL. On Friday, there will be The thrill of CLIL!  with Nadine Chadier.  At St Jérôme Bilingual Primary where Nadine works, KS1 pupils learn Geography, Art and P.E. with embedded ICT through all...

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Language World 2009

Language World 2009, at the University of Leicester, 3-4 April 2009, was about “Grasping the Nettle”. ALL President Pauline Swanton invited delegates ‘facing all manner of challenges‘, to ‘share experiences and information, learn new skills and catch up on news and...

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Language World 2008

Language World 2008 was at the University of Oxford, 11-12 April 2008. ALL President Helen Myers’ theme was “Pulling the Threads Together”: ‘the chance to ...pull together to create strong and sustainable outcomes, resulting in really effective learning’. Plenary...

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Language World 2007

Language World 2007 returned to the University of Oxford, 30-31 March 2007. ALL President David Wilson highlighted the importance of “Expanding Horizons”, and ‘positive messages about the importance of language learning.’ LW2007 Plenary speakers were Lord Dearing, Dr...

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Language World 2006

Language World 2006 “Working Together” was back in the North West, at the University of Manchester, 07-08 April 2006. ALL President Kathy Wicksteed introduced a one day conference on ‘Every Learner Matters’, as well as a wider programme of plenaries and workshops...

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Language World 2005

Language World 2005 was at the University of Kent at Canterbury, 01-03 July 2005. ALL President Barry Jones emphasised “Creating Opportunities”, to enhance teaching & learning, through ICT, innovation, motivation and cross-curricular work. The LW2005 Plenary...

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Language World 2004

Language World 2004 “Reaching Out” came to the University of Oxford, 02-04 April 2004. ALL President Bill Musk aimed to ‘reflect the enriching effect of languages within the education system’, through plenaries such as The Promotion of Language Learning &...

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Language World 2003

Language World 2003 “Next Steps” was at the University of Bath, 04-06 April 2003. This year saw the return of Steven Fawkes as ALL President, who echoed the theme of the conference in his welcome to Language World 2003 with the comment that 'the UK still needs to take...

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Language World 2002

Language World 2002 “Building Bridges” was in York, 12-14 April 2002. ALL President Terry Lamb presided over a jam-packed programme, and provided a jam-packed welcome speech for the conference guide, notably referring to verging on 'a new era in language teaching and...

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