European Day of Languages : ECML Update June 2021


A new secret agent’s language challenge app

Following the success of the language challenges handbook (now available in 29 languages) and a first version of an app last year, version ‘2.007’ of the app will be much more interactive, with budding secret agents able to compete with their counterparts. There are a series of levels to sort out the Inspector Gadgets from the true top agents!


A quiz currently being developed together with the European Commission will form part of this app. The new version will be available for download for both Android and Apple phones as well as for Chromebooks from early September.


A journey across Europe’s languages

This downloadable booklet seeks to encourage interest in Europe’s rich tapestry of languages from an early age. Children can accompany Lara on her journey to discover the different languages spoken across the continent. Sets of stickers and sound files covering the respective languages are also available for this resource which will be available in English in July with translations/adaptions into other languages following shortly afterwards: see


20 years EDoL

To celebrate this landmark, a series of features/initiatives will be made available on the EDoL website over the course of the summer:


An EDL infographic for download with 20 facts you might not know about Europe’s languages (available in July).

Questions about languages you didn’t dare to ask: experts will respond to 20 questions (in a written or video format) which people might normally be hesitant to ask, such as – ‘do I really need grammar to learn a language?’ or ‘can someone really speak 30+ languages?’ (September).


As we are not over the pandemic yet, a list of (20!) ideas for organising events which respect social distancing will be unveiled in July.

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